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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Neighbourhood  Plan (‘NDP’)?

Neighbourhood Plans - a new approach to planning

The Localism Act, was given Royal Assent in November last year and The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 came into force on 6th April 2012.  This gives Town and Parish Councils the ability to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

What is a NDP?

It has been described as a tool for managing change.  It can set out a vision for an area, and describe planning policies for the use and development of land.  It is about local rather than strategic issues; it might cover where new shops, offices or homes would be acceptable, and what green spaces should be protected.  The vision will cover the next 15 to 20 years.

Why is this important?

If all the necessary steps are achieved, the Arun District Council must adopt the NDP, and it becomes a legal part of planning policy.

How is an NDP produced?

The Parish Council registered the boundary of the Parish as the defining Neighbourhood Plan area and set up an NDP steering group that has gathered evidence.  Community engagement, with local businesses and individuals is actively proceeding.  Once the NDP is produced it will be circulated in draft form for comment before submission of the final document to the Arun District Council.  The District Council must check for legal compliance, and carry out further ‘pre-examination’ public consultation.  An Independent Examiner must approve the plan, and finally a referendum of residents of the NDP area will be held.  If over 50% of the voters agree, the NDP will be adopted.

What difference will the plan make to you?

The Rustington NDP is important as it will enable the people of Rustington to influence the planning and evolution of the area in which they live and work.

 It can be used to:-

·         Develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood;

·         Choose where new homes, shops and other developments should be built;

·         Identify, protect and enhance local green spaces and wildlife habitats;

·         Influence what type of new buildings are built and what they look like



Minutes and Agendas


Below is a complete list of the Neighbourhood Development Meetings and Agendas - to view the documents simply click on the link.

Please note: you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view these documents - this is standard on most computers but if you do not have a copy click here to download it.


INAUGURAL MEETING - 29 November 2012

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 9 January 2013

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 6 February 2013

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 28 March 2013

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 25 April 2013

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 8 May 2013

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 11 June 2013

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 30 July 2013

NDP State of the Parish Report - August 2013

NDP Housing & Heritage Minutes - 18 Oct 2013

NDP Housing & Heritage Draft Policies - 18 Oct 2013

NDP Steering Group Minutes -  6 November 2013

NDP Housing & Heritage Draft Policies - 7 Jan 2014

NDP Steering Group Minutes -  16 January 2014

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 11 February 2014

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 11 March 2014

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 15 April 2014

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 29 April 2014

NDP Steering Group Minutes - 3 June 2014



 Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan went to Referendum on 28 January 2015, and resulted in a 93.54% majority to accept the Plan.  The Plan was then adopted by the Arun District Council as a Statutory Document, forming a part of the Local Plan, and will have to be considered in respect of any Planning Applications in the Village for the next 15 years. The Plan will be reviewed at five yearly intervals.


Leading up to the Referendum in January 2015, a Public Information Exhibition was held in a retail unit in the Village, which was manned by members of the Focus Group and Councillors who had been working diligently throughout the process to produce the Plan. It generated a great deal of interest from the people of Rustington, with over 600 copies of the Plan being handed out and many questions answered.


All Policies and Proposal in the Neighbourhood Plan are a culmination of over two years of research and preparation, and as a direct result of consulting with the local community. A great deal of work and effort went into preparing the Consultation Document and all of the documents accompanying the Plan, by the Steering Group with the support of the Parish Council, and is based on evidence and information collected from Consultation Events, Surveys and several Discussions.


It is hoped that the Plan will be of great benefit to the Village over the next 15 years.


Copies of the Plan are available from the Council Offices, Village Information Centre and can be downloaded Click here


Submission Draft Plan Click Here

State of the Parish Report Click Here


Neighbourhood  Plan Proposal Click Here